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Motor the People

Jan 20, 2013 my first video in about five months

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Vidgamewithstyle is what started it all....

Welcome and thank you, you all are most likely coming from YouTube which is what I wanted to talk about. May 4, 2012 I come onto the computer and look up Playstation 3 games collection and find a video made by Antnie0425 that is amazing, it inspires me to make a YouTube account, but how? I go to Google and find out, by the night I have an account and  have uploaded my first video, Motor the People. May 5, 2012 I wake up and expect my video to have 10,000 views, I run to the computer and learn it has 13. I was bummed out but that didn't stop me!  June 3 2012 I have 1,000 views total a couple of days after I uploaded my video The Ultimate Gaming Setup, by then I have gotten used to having to upload a video every week. August 28, 2012 I have a massive influx in subscribers and get over 35,000 views from ten until September 25, 2012. September 27, 2012 the website is finished and I release it to my subscribers on October 2, 2012. October 5, 2012 My bandwidth goes up x3 more than it should, and I cannot make any videos until Jan of 2013. December 19, 2012 I start using and commenting on many peoples blogs and such things. Jan 20, 2013 I upload my first video in about five months, and in a couple of days it has 53 views. February 6, 2013 I start uploading a video ever day, and begin to make custom thumbnails.

February 15, 2013 I make this page on my website, and finish this story.

Here are the URL's to my IGN and (of course) my YouTube IGN: people.ign.xbox1000 YouTube:  A couple of the videos mentioned in the story are on this page.

My video from February 6, 2013