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Hardest Xbox 360 Game Ever

                    The Hardest Xbox 360 game ever

People have debated about this one for a long, long time. But recently the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game Dark Souls was released, I rcently bought it for the small price of $20. The game was confusing at first, and then later HARD, I mean just plain HARD! I couldn't get past the first level for 3 hours, THREE DANG HOURS!!!!!!!! Who the heck tries to make a game that hard! The answer is Namco Bandai, "I knew it, it was always cheesy games from them, and now this!!!" is what I thought. I later said wow, this is actually a smart idea for a game, make it so hard and confusing that people would cry halfway through. But wait, after I was past the first level I was relieved with a visually stunning world. If you want a unique title for your collection though, this is perfect for it! If you want more reviews go to, Thanks!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 27, 2013: I SOLD THE GAME! I got so mad that I exploded with rage and took it to gamestop! I got the game Medal of Honor and am working on a video for YouTube with it.