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Welcome to the new page titled The Best Minecraft Server Ever, you may notice that I am not talking about the server anymore. This is because a little more than a month ago the server crashed, and the owner, who had forgotten about it months before has no intentions to repair it. I now am talking about a new server I found GrizlyLand. There is some amazing friendly staff on this server, in fact I am going to admit it, they are more friendly than the staff on the old server. There are drop events every Thursday and Friday at 10:00 or about 3:00 my time 0_0. There are events and many minigames, including mob arena and parkour. So far I have talked a lot to a very friendly staff member, AgeGundam as he calls himself. He has taught me a lot about the server and the rules and soforth. The system is foolproof, you can lockette doors and chests, and even start a faction and fight against enemy factions. I will write more as my experiences age but until then, vidgamewithstyle at your service.